Everyone loves a good holiday, whether you’re staying for 1 night or 2 week! And, when you’re coming to Manly, NSW, you know you’re in for a treat.

So when it comes to booking budget accommodation in Manly, what should you look for and more importantly what should you avoid.

There was a time when the worlds ‘budget accommodation’ meant grubby, grotty and even scary. But in a world of greater visibility, more choice and an abundance of opportunity that’s no longer the case. Budget accommodation simply means basic, honest rooms.

Defining Your Budget

Budget accommodation covers a wide range of places in Manly, from Backpackers to Guest Houses and everything in-between.  But before you set your heart on one particular option, it’s worth doing some research to find out how far you hard earned cash is going to get you. Once you know what your budget is and how far it will go, you can start to narrow the search.

What’s Important?

The different options of budget accommodation obviously offer different things, so it’s important to work out what really matters to you. Is it having your own ensuite bathroom? Or the location of the property? Perhaps you want to save money and eat in so a kitchen is important. Make sure you read the small print and what’s included so you know what you’re getting.

Get Savvy

Once you’ve found your perfect budget accommodation, there’s one more step to getting a great deal. Resist the urge to book through one of the big online booking agents and call the accommodation direct yourself. The agents take a large booking fee that the owners have to pay, and with most budget accommodation in Manly being small and family run, it’s worth calling them yourself to see if they have any special deals for booking direct. From a cheeper price to free internet it’s always worth asking and when you’re on a budget every little helps.